Wavefront LASIK

We all know that LASIK represents the best solution for most of our vision problems, being at the moment the most modern, precise and efficient technique for correcting several wide spread vision issues. However, you must know that there are new LASIK techniques now available, more advanced and more precise compared to the classic intervention. Let’s find out more about one of them in the following lines.

Some of you may have heard about Wavefront laser eye surgery or custom Lasik as it is popular known. To put it in simple words, Wavefront LASIK is at the moment the most advanced surgical technique from the domain of vision correction? How does it work? The patient’s eyes are thoroughly scanned using a tridimensional high prevision scanner so that the laser beam that does the correction will be directed only towards the necessary spots.

Wavefront LASIK promises to become more and more popular in the next year because people are going to be attracted by the high chance it offers for achieving 20/20 vision. Plus, the fact that the number of complications is severely reduced represents another huge advantage for Wavefront LASIK compared to the classic laser eye surgery.

What prevents Wavefront LASIK from becoming extremely popular in the near future? Definitely the price patients would have to pay for this type of intervention. The equipment costs pretty much, but as soon as technology will evolve, prices will drop and more and more LASIK centers will afford to buy the necessary equipment for Wavefront LASIK.