Lasers used in LASIK

Maybe some of the ones reading our site would like to know a bit more technical information on the types of equipment used in laser eye surgeries. This is why we thought we should offer you a brief presentation of the three most important types of lasers used in the vision correction domain.

We are going to start with the most common type of laser used in this type of surgeries, the spot scanning laser. Its beam is very precise and has a very small diameter, with values ranging between 0.8 and 2 millimeters. LASIK surgeons are aware of the fact that this type of laser is not the most evolved at the moment, but they say that it is still very useful and popular.

Next there are slit scanning lasers which are not that common, but are extremely useful in certain situations. Their key features is the fact that the beam is very precise and uniform, which makes them ideal when the intervention is a high risk one. On the other hand, because they are pretty powerful, a guiding mechanism has to be used in order to prevent errors.

And there is of course the most advanced type of laser at the moment, wavefront laser. This is more than a simple beam, it is a whole system that first detects the spots that need correction and then guide the beam exactly on them. This way, the whole intervention is very precise and despite the fact that it costs a lot of money, it certainly is an option worthy of taking in to consideration.