• Modern LASIK equipment

      : Sunday 02. of January 2011

      When it comes to vision correction interventions, LASIK is without doubt the most advanced procedure at which everybody has access. Several factors have made LASIK surgery what it is today, the safest and most precise method...

    • Should I go for a cheap LASIK intervention or for a more expensive one?

      : Sunday 02. of January 2011

      In the last years LASIK has certainly become the most popular way of correcting vision problems at least in the United States and Canada. However, despite the fact that the overall price people had to pay for becoming LASIK...

    • Wavefront LASIK

      : Sunday 02. of January 2011

      We all know that LASIK represents the best solution for most of our vision problems, being at the moment the most modern, precise and efficient technique for correcting several wide spread vision issues. However, you must know...

    • Lasers used in LASIK

      : Sunday 02. of January 2011

      Maybe some of the ones reading our site would like to know a bit more technical information on the types of equipment used in laser eye surgeries. This is why we thought we should offer you a brief presentation of the three...

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